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Feedback 2021

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

Thank you to our patients for taking the time to fill up our electronic survey to find out about your experience and opinion. As we had to comply with the RACGP survey exactly, it took up about 10 minutes of your time. We certainly found out that was too long from your comments, but taken with good humour!

Due to the pandemic, we opted to send out electronic surveys. The pros are that we selected a true sample group of all patients and not only patients who were in our rooms. This is a more true representation of public opinion. The cons are that this directly excludes anyone who didn't have an email address and anyone who didn't really like to operate on computers/smartphones.

Our clinicians were rated 98% in the Good, Very Good and Excellent categories.

Our reception team were following with 93% in the Good, Very Good and Excellent categories.

As you healthcare team, we spend all our days trying to do our very best for you. These feedback surveys tell us how we are tracking and direct our effort to do better. Here are some snippets.

Here are some complementary comments. We are very humbled. Thank you.

  • Perfect. There is nothing I can think of changing.

  • Bring on more doctors.

  • Lovely clean organised rooms and lovely doctors.

  • Fabulous practice. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Here are areas we can improve upon.

  • Magazines, Newspapers and Subtitles on TV. (We will as soon as this pandemic stabilises.)

  • More Receptionist Training on Communication.

  • Clearer Communication about emails and home visits.

  • Clearer explanation of status and faster acceleration of queries to the Practice Manager.

  • More appointments availability on the day.

Some areas we are unable to address, regretfully.

Bulk Bill. Unfortunately, the cost of running a general practice is very high and has increased by as much as 50% in some expenses in the last 2 years. To provide the service to take care of our patients to the highest standards that we feel is necessary, bulk billing will be unsustainable. We are however happy to bulk bill pensioners, health care card holders and children on weekdays.

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