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Iron Injection is a quick and simple procedure to treat iron deficiency for patients where oral iron tablets have been ineffective, poorly tolerated, or are inappropriate. Your GP will make the clinical decision together with you for this treatment after tests and consultation. An Iron Infusion appointment at Gordon Doctors is personally attended to by Dr Ebony Tosch and can be booked at Gordon Doctors by calling 02 9499 9999. 

GP Consultation

At an appointment with your GP, when the decision is made to undertake iron infusion, your GP will need fill up an Iron Infusion Referral Form and forward this and Blood Test results to or Fax: 02 9499 8999 or Healthlink: gordomed. It is important that this information is sent well in advance or the appointment cannot go ahead. Your GP will also give you a script for the iron medication.

Patient Appointment

Patient will call Gordon Doctors at 94999999 to book an Iron Infusion. Patient will be sent a link to an IV Iron/Infusion/Injection Patient Consent Form to be filled up and submitted. It is important that every point on this form is satisfied or the appointment cannot go ahead. Please complete this step well in advance.

Purchase Medication

If all is in order, before your appointment, purchase your iron medication from the pharmacy. The script would have been supplied by your GP in e-script or paper script. You are advised to call the pharmacy ahead as they may have to order it in. 

You haven't seen a GP

If you haven't seen a GP but suspect you need an iron infusion, you are best to book an appointment to see one. You can choose from GPs at Gordon Doctors to assess you. The best course of treatment for you will be recommended after tests and consultation. If your GP didn't supply Referral form, blood test results and prescription, you will need to get them or see a GP at Gordon Doctors to arrange at private fees. Book an appointment here to get appropriate care.

Patient Information

Patients need to read the Ferinject Patient Information and Ferinject Consumer Medication Information (CMI) in detail before appointment. If at any point, patients develop cold/flu/fever/gastro symptoms or was diagnosed with Covid within 14 days of their Infusion Appointment, they will need to reschedule.


Today is Infusion day. Please drink plenty of water at least one hour before your appointment. Bring a water bottle. Bring a book or something to do during your 30 minute observation time. Don't plan anything strenuous and avoid heavy lifting for 24 hours after. 

Your Infusion Team

Doctor and patient

Dr Ebony Tosch


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