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Appointments & Fees

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Appointments are available on telehealth and in person. They are highly recommended and is given priority. Provisions are made for urgent appointments and young children so please call to talk to our receptionists on 02 94999999. Walk ins are subject to availability but please do not walk in if you are suffering from respiratory symptoms. Please call to book a telehealth appointment. In other cases please check with our receptionists who will help you. 



We are a private/mixed billing practice. Fees are payable after consultation including telehealth and Medicare rebate can be processed for you. Please register bank details with Medicare on 132011 or MyGov signon. If MyMedicare registered, Pension, HCC Holders and VA Gold Card Holders are bulk billed on weekdays for eligible and non procedural standard consultations without supplies, otherwise private fees will apply. Some but not all doctors bulk bill standard appointments for aged 12 and under (please check with reception). Procedures, nurse services, vaccinations, private vaccines, diagnostics and advanced supplies will attract extra and gap fees. MyMedicare registered patients may be eligible for bulk billed Chronic Disease Care Plan reviews and Health Assessments. Please enquire with your doctor if you are eligible for these.


Nurse Appointments

Our Registered Nurses are able to take appointments for established patients of the practice. Some services are bulk billed which are:

   - Flu and Covid Vaccination Clinics. 

   - If MyMedicare registered,

             * Chronic Disease Care Plan, Reviews and Management

             * 40/45 or >75 Years Health Assessments

             * Healthy Heart Check annually for >30 Years Old

 A Nurse Procedure Fee and Small Gap Fee are charged in addition to supplies for:

   - Shingrix Vaccination Clinic

   - Childhood Immunisations 

   - Baby weigh in

   - Pertussis, DTP, Pneumococcal, Shingles Vaccinations 

   - Blood Pressure (BP) Monitoring 

   - INR Blood Test

   - 2nd and 3rd Travel Vaccinations

   - Diabetes, Asthma and Allergy Education

   - Individual appointments for injections and vaccinations (incl Flu/Covid)

   - Review and update of overseas vaccination records

   - Care Coordination Services

   - Obtaining and record printouts

   - Wound Dressings

   - Skin Procedures

   - Other services tied to MyMedicare if not registered



A minimum of 3 hours notice is appreciated for any cancellations. If there are exceptional circumstances, please contact us as soon as possible. While we don't charge a cancellation fee, your co-operation is important for us to run an efficient service for our community. Often, your appointment can be given to someone who needs it. 



We value all comments and feedback about the practice which are kept strictly confidential. Your views enable our practice to do better and they are considered seriously by the team. Please write to the Practice Manager, fill out a feedback form at reception or suggestion box, or email us at in the first instance. Further information can be found at Health Care Complaints Commision at Tel 02 92197444.

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