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How we Care for Your Medical Needs

talking on phones
Telephone Calls 

If it is an emergency, calling 000 immediately is the best course of action. For urgent or non-urgent matters, please call to speak to our team of reception staff and nurses who will be pleased to help you or connect you to your doctor if required. If you leave a contact name and number, your call will be returned at the earliest convenience. This is because we don't like to interrupt your consultations unless absolutely necessary.

If you have in depth questions to ask your doctor, please book a telehealth appointment. General Health Advice can also be obtained from nurses on HealthDirect line 1800 022 222.

Emails and Electronic Files

Emails are an insecure and delayed form of communication. It is not recommended for private or urgent matters. If you choose to use email, you are agreeing to the risk and indemnifying our practice from any loss arising from delay and privacy issues. Any emails received by us are treated with utmost care but will be dealt with at best effort. Mostly, a 48 hour timeframe for response is reasonable if your doctor is working the days and longer if not.

Sometimes your email can be caught up in security or may not have the corrrect email address Please allow for unintended delays that may occur. 

If you have new questions to ask your doctor, it will not possible to address through an email. Please make a telehealth appointment with your doctor.

Vitamins and pills
Repeat Prescriptions and Referrals

Repeat scripts can be issued if you attended regarding the same condition within the last 3 months but this is at the doctor's discretion. In the interest of good medical care, patients are encouraged to come in for a consultation. You may also consider booking a telehealth consultation such that any changes can be considered.

Repeat referrals may be considered if you have attended for the same condition and will be seeing the same specialists. Please note that referrals cannot be backdated.​ There is a $30-$35 charge for both services per item.

Doctor Examining CT Scan
Examination Results

At the end of your consultation, your doctor will advise you how to obtain your test results or you will be notified by sms. It will depend on the test and situation. We urge you to diligently follow up your results. You will be asked to either make a phone, telehealth or face to face appointment to obtain your results depending on whether your results are best explained and handled over the phone, video or in person. Please do so as your examination results are extremely important. If you haven't booked an appointment yet, a text message may be sent to you with details of type of appointment and link to book online. Result appointments can include detailed clinical management and are subject to normal fees unless determined otherwise by your doctor. In some urgent cases, you will be contacted by your doctor. 

Video Consultation
Telehealth Consultations

Our doctors offer telehealth consultations over the video or telephone. Video consultations are preferable because being able to see you is very beneficial to your consultation. While some things are ideal for telehealth, there are many conditions that cannot fully be handled by telehealth of which you will be informed by your doctor. A comprehensive service which includes face to face consultations is essential for effective care. 

Please note Medicare will only rebate video mostly and short phone consultations, for patients we have seen in person within the last year. The new MyMedicare registration from Nov 2023 will allow rebate of longer telehealth consultations.

Running Athletic Women
Preventative Care

Preventative measures to promote good health will often be recommended based on industry best practice. Our practice uses a recall/reminder system and also participates in various Government Reminder Systems e.g. Cervical Screening and Immunisation.

If you do not wish to take part, please inform your doctor.

Medical Consultation
Continuity of Care

There are many healthcare advantages that comes from your doctor knowing you and your family over time.

We will always endeavour to book you in with your doctor of choice. Please advise reception when booking. Continuity of care is in the best interest of the patient and we highly recommend it.

Forest Trees
Alternative Healthcare

While we are not an alternative health care centre, we highly recommend that you share any alternative treatment you are undergoing with your GP. It is important to know this so we can advise you of any interactions or side effects when combined with prescribed medication.

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