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Covid-19 Vaccinations

As we approach almost 2 years of living with the Covid-19 pandemic, it looks like we might be slowly moving into another stage. Nevertheless, the evidence of vaccination effectiveness can be discussed with your GP by booking an appointment. They are well placed to sift through the information for you.

On the Covid-19 Vaccination front, the Gordon Doctors have clinics organised for you. We will continue to organise clinics every month. So, if the clinics are full, please keep checking our website or facebook for future clinics. If you are our patient, you can call to put your name on our waitlist.

5-11 year old Pfizer (low dose)

Two shots recommended 8 weeks apart, which can be booked in by calling our reception team at 94999999. We will help you if you have questions and give you guidance on how to make sure your child is comfortable. It is best to handle all discussions in a prebooked separate appointment with your doctor. It is important that parents are decided and confident coming into the clinic. Our aim is for the process to be stress free, pleasant, happy and quick. Our wonderful young patients have been the best so far and we are very clearly proud of you!

12-15 year old Pfizer

Two shots recommended 3-6 weeks apart, which can be booked in by calling our reception team at 94999999. Again, a separate appointment with your doctor is required if you need in depth discussion. While this age group is older, they still need a lot of reassurance and it is best if parents and doctors are in agreement at the time.

Over 16 year old Pfizer

From today, 16-17 year olds can have their booster shot, in addition to patients over 18 years old. You can now book in for your booster shot, 3 months after your second shot. To book at Gordon Doctors, click on the 'Book Appointment' button on this page, or, choose 'Covid-19 Vaccinations' instead of 'General Practice', then choose you day and time. Family members can book in the same time except children need book into the 5-11 clinics by callling 94999999. Please bring record of your second shot if you didn't have that with us. In addition, if you didn't have the previous shots with us, you will be sent consent forms and/or registration forms to fill. If you are a new patient, please bring in a summary of your health. Please have them ready as soon as possible as it is very difficult to run a clinic if your forms are not ready and set up at least a few days before hand.

For all clinics, please note.

  • If you don't have a Medicare card, you are advised to go to a government clinic. We are not set up to vaccinate you.

  • If you have fever/cold/flu/gastro symptoms or you need to isolate due to contact or you have had covid-19 in the last 14 days, we can't administer a vaccine. Please call to reschedule. Please understand that there are vulnerable people attending practice and we need to protect them.

  • If your age is not in the above range or you haven't reached the interval required between shots, we can't administer the vaccine to you against guidelines. You will be asked to reschedule.

  • Under 16 year olds will need to attend with a parent/guardian and have their consent forms pre-filled and signed by.

  • Please wear a mask, sterilise your hands and keep 1.5m from other people not in your household, when you attend.

If you are severely immunocompromised, from 5 years onwards, you may need 3rd dose and maybe booster dose. Please find guidelines. You can discuss with you doctor during you appointment to decide the best course of action.

Let's hope we can protect as many people as possible and be able to operate more freely in our everyday lives. Please take care of your mental health and we are here for you if you need, in that regard.

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