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We Are Moving Back To Gordon

An interesting series of events took the whole team at Gordon Medical Centre on a journey that we did not plan on. Sometimes, the most unexpected occurences bring out the best in people, both, our healthcare team and our patients!

We have some news to announce! We will be moving back to Gordon in a couple of months, on 11 May, while our new premises are being fitted out! We are moving opposite the Gordon Centre, just across the traffic lights. There are plenty of council parking at the back of the building and a more spacious location. You will also see our signboards up with our new name 'Gordon Doctors' to reflect our focus on quality care. Our new address is:-

From 11 May 2020

Gordon Doctors

785A Pacific Highway

Gordon NSW 2072

We look forward to seeing all of you there. In lieu, of an opening event, which cannot be done, we welcome you to come in to see us and pick up a postcard.

Which brings us to how our patients have been our best advocates and supported us through our various moves. Our supportive community also extended their hand and actually got their hands dirty in the move. For this we are grateful and can continue to serve.

What happened? In November 2019, the big storm in Gordon took our roof away at our previous location in Gordon, along with our air conditioner, much to the inconvenience of all of us. We persevered and continue doing what we do best. In mid January 2020, the large downpour resulted in water flooding into the top floor of the building, occupied by a neighbouring business. Before long, the water starting leaking into our premises, starting from the Treatment Room at the back, slowly making its way to the front and becoming more intense. Unfortunately, we had to move our practice to a backup location and operate on a telehealth basis. Our team worked extremely hard to operate fully during our opening hours.

Miraculously, our friends at St Ives Medical happened to have 3 rooms free that we could operate out of. After two weeks, we moved in to operate out of St Ives. Our patients have been most patient (true to name!) and made the trip to St Ives to see us. For this we thank you. Interestingly enough, our telehealth experience when we were in our backup location has prepared us well for today, when we are operating telehealth on a large scale.

Feb - 9 May 2020

Shop 127, Level 2, St Ives Shopping Village,

166 Mona Vale Road St Ives NSW 2075

Watch this space and keep safe! We want you to know that we are here for you.

With kindest regards,

Dr Goh, Dr White, Dr Tosch, Kath, Bronwynn, Alicia, Hannah, Mel, Robyn and Jo

* updated with actual dates

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