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Covid-19 Vaccination Update

Updated: May 17

Delivering our 300th shot, the pace is picking up fast. The mood is positive and we are getting Australia vaccinated. Here is an update at where we are and what you can do. Although, if you are unsure, please book an appointment with your own doctor before booking the covid-19 vaccination clinic.

Over 70 years old

Recommended to please book in now at Gordon Doctors Tel 94999999 or online for your AZ Covid-19 Vaccination, preferably with you own doctor/clinic. If you are not a patient of Gordon Doctors, please send in a copy of your current health summary before your appointment.

Over 50 years old

Please book in with you doctor for your AZ Covid-19 Vaccination. Gordon Doctors can vaccinate from now. If you have a complicated medical history or chronic disease, it is recommended that you book with your own doctor/clinic. Otherwise, you can explore government vaccination clinics in Roseville and Ryde for your vaccination.

Under 50 year olds (>18) aged care and disability workers

Book for the Pfizer vaccine at *Macquarie Park Tel 1300 379878, Blacktown or Campbelltown.

Under 50 year olds (>18) healthcare workers or workers at a healthcare facility

Details are found on https://www.health.gov.au/resources/apps-and-tools/covid-19-vaccine-eligibility-checker . Please also contact your Primary Health Network to register for Vaccination Clinic at Westmead Hospital.

Please watch this space as we find out when all general under 50 year olds will get their vaccinations. You can also register your interest here. *

We think it is a good idea to please try to book in somewhere as soon as you can although there is no immediate timeframe. If left too long, health resources could be diverted elsewhere and it may be more inconvenient for you. Restrictions etc might also change. Boosters are also likely to be needed in some years.

Gordon Doctors is also exploring increasing our clinic sessions. Please keep up to date on www.gordondoctors.com or follow us on facebook.

* updated with new information 17 May 2021

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