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Right Here in Gordon

Returning to its home of 15 years, the Gordon Doctors is now truly settled in our happy place. Across the road from the Gordon Centre at the traffic lights. It is very nice to see all the local residents!

If you haven't been in, please come and say hello. If you want to see someone, of course, we are always available for bookings on our website, or Tel 94999999.

What a lot have changed in the world though! We have always known a pandemic was a risk around the corner and prepared for it BUT in our lifetime was unexpected.

As today is a sunny day (for want of any reason), here are some handy hints especially for our patients.

  • Follow advice from health authorities. This is not contentious. Be careful where you get information from.

  • Always wash hands, sterilise and wipe down. Put a mask on, if situation calls for it.

  • Make sure your doctor has you mobile number and email address, in addition to home and street address. (Here is how things have changed!)

  • Follow your doctor's office on social media. (This is new!)

  • Things haven't changed with other health concerns that we manage. Do not neglect following up on your health. It is very serious for some. You can telehealth.

  • Set up a smart phone, laptop or computer with microphone and speaker ready to go.

  • Add to your email address book or add as safe sender.

  • If you have any concerns, please voice it. Call to talk to our lovely nurses or administration team.

  • See your doctor at least annually after 49 years old.

  • Book a long appointment if you want to or if you have more than one issue, need a longer time, mental health concerns or have complicated health histories. (We don't mind.)

So, stay healthy and happy folks! This adage has helped us keep strong and thrive and so it will help you too.

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