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Tips to survive isolation healthwise

Updated: May 6, 2020

Our work looks at the whole person while treating specific medical concerns over long periods of time and over many generations. This gives us the privilege of having a wide view into what is needed everyday. In addition, because we see what not doing these can result in, here are some things that we would be doing ourselves in isolation.

The trick is to look at all of these allocating time between them be it a little or more.

  • Keep in touch with friends and family through skype, whatsapp or email. Make a regular time to do so.

  • Schedule in exercise time with routines that can be done in your home or outside following distancing guidelines.

  • Keep those handy snacks (or drink!) under a determine limit e.g. one snack a day.

  • Do regular stretches in between screen time and watch your posture with good chair and screen height.

  • Maintain healthy eating to ensure a healthy immune system.

  • Do an activity you enjoy, write 3 positive statements or find 3 things you are grateful for per day.

  • Why not use any time you have to do what you have always wanted to do e.g. clean the house, write a book, organise your desk etc. In other words, find a purpose or project that you can spend time on.

  • Do not neglect important checks and medications e.g. blood tests, diabetes medication etc

  • If certain stress or certain feelings are bothering you, seek help from your GP, psychologist, Lifeline on telehealth or in person.

Specifically for infection control, here are some resources that we do everyday in our work.

  • Wash your hands regularly especially before eating or touching your face. Here are guides for gel and soap. As we have done this for years, put on some hand moisturisers or cracked hands might lead to other problems.

  • We wipe surfaces, vacumm and mop regularly e.g. door handles, table tops, chair handles

  • Practice the right etiquette for coughing, sneezing and tissues. Here are guides.

Finally, be kind to yourself and others. Ultimately, this humanly sentiment, can bring many advantages.

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